Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PS I love you

Dear Future bf,
ive already come across many nice guys,all of them are awesome and good-looking in their own way,but i like you,i am still waiting.I don't think it'll be too hard because I don't really demand too much---after all

Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday,Fifteen

"Ate,I Bought you some donuts",my sister said.I'm searching whenever she was trying to be kind to me or just scolded by aunt to give that to me.I took a bite that night and remembered the morning of full of solidarity.
My 15th birthday is the weirdest birthday I ever had.Why?It is not about how I celebrate it(ex. ball party--I didn't do tyhat either),but because who are the people around.Most of my birthdays are my parents are always present.Yes,fortunate enough,my very 1st birthday was my parents planned it in a known restaurant and of couse ,many guests and presents.Same as in my 2nd birthday bash,I'm always with my parents,full of guests,lots of presents but it was celebrated in an apartment in Makati--these things made kinda deja vu through my 3rd and 4th.It was a long story to make my birthday biography mentioned up to 14th but,I told you,that my parents are always present for me.
I woke up in this morning only my sister was there.She was