Thursday, October 20, 2011

Excited for Sembreak

Hi.I'm again back on my original spot.

Today is again thursday, and I always love thursday.

Before I share my short story about my hectic final exam in Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, I found a net cafe which has a very unique "payment counter".Haha, laugh out loud, for it is like a game in World of Fun that you have to put coins in the'insert coin section'. I dropped two pieces of 5 Peso coin which is equivalent to 31 minutes of Internet time. Sounds interesting? This is very weird but you must try this one. Anyway, why should you waste your money on other signature Internet Cafes with such expensive costs when there is a vendo style computer which is also have a quality personal software.

Now, the red electronic light in numbers appeared"20", there is still 20 minutes left before leaving my seat.

I wore black top today, and I'm always fond of black since Monday in my school, Bicol University College of Engineering. I wasn't ready for the finals in Trigonometry. The test is difficult but it was easy when you have the supportive seatmates and professor who doesn't know what you're now doing. I don't call that cheating, but I call eat "teamwork".

I escaped the Function Hall where the Block A and Block B(where I belong) took the final exam.

Now, I'm excited for sembreak!

And I miss the Organization in the University . The org will be having a picnic on Saturday this week to celebrate the Sem-Ender.

College can be tough, but not on me.

I'm excited for Sembreak!

Thursday, October 13, 2011


As a student, I can see clearly that everything’s fine in the entire semester on this subject—from “hataw” to gymnastics. It all started when I was a late-comer in our professor’s class, stating our numbers and making ‘#29’ as my official number. There’s no pressure within me when it comes to practicum because I love what I’m doing—whether it is really prepared for enough time or on the spot dances like what we’ve done before, ’making our own physically fit exercises moves’. As far as I know, I didn’t commit any absences in class. In the midterm exam, it has a bit pressure because there’s a limited time for me to review. But, our professor said no one got failed in her exam. My happiness is slightly severe because it’s an ultimate pick-me upper for me, a hope that I will not fail in my course this semester. Physical Education in me today is something I just don’t have to seat on one side and not to join the sports or activities. This time, I was changed a lot because I’m encouraged to escape my comfort zone and put out the best attitude in me. Dancing is also my long-time passion and I just love what I’d to do iin every activity. My favorite part was the “hataw”, from practices and general rehearsals to the ultimate ‘This Is It’ event, BU Week. That was very enjoyable not only in the synchronized in acquaintances , friends in other BU Colleges, and one whom I just met in ROTC & also in general rehearsal who is such a nice guy and we become officially friends.

Now, we just finished our activities in gymnastics.I’m included in the ‘ribbon’ part. Hanz was the center of attraction. I just love the flying colors and I put a passion on waving the ribbon. I tried to stunt a bend but I failed which is embarrassing. I became grateful when the professor gave us 1.6 and I think we deserve it.

Well, all yet ends in the first semester. Not sure yet if Ms. Ante will be our professor again. Definitely, all of us will miss her.

Should I say, “It doesn’t all end here”?


At first, I can't love gymnastics for the word cramming.Because there will be a half-day time limit to practice. My classmates are not behaved and we cannot practice for they are not really behaved. They only rather play at each other and lark out on the their silly jokes.

Then, I'm included in the "ribbon" part where we have a stick, and a 1.5"thick and 2 yards long of ribbon in it with different colors. I chose neon orange

(Aah..I almost recalled Theodore, my ex-crush.. Woo,because he's also my orange)

We can't start because of always changing weather, you know, rain and shine! I ate my snack instead and Ash told me,"Hey!Graciella, you have to eat later, there will be a time for that".Alaiza gave me a convincing cheer to go back to practice as I can't help to complain on what's going on with the boys(the ones I told who rather play on each other and lark out on their silly jokes)

I went at my aunt's home where I always have lunch and do some net and research for my free time. But before that, I saw my ex-classmates in highschool who were Jepoy and Kevs. I waved my best greeting with my cutest grin and Jepoy asked me" Is *Billy Rowell the type of guy you are fond of(of course in Tagalog/Filipino language)?".

I answered,"Do you also know him?"
He said,"Yes! Of course, he's the one who courts Karla,too"
"And I knew him already,since before high school"
"Aaah",no other reaction that I implied just really numb
"Do you like Billy Rowell? I can make you to be official lovers ASAP"
"Hell no! I'm interested"
"Let see, Graciella."

So I went to my aunt's home.Finished our tarpaulin project in Engineering Drawing Subject.And went back to our Physical Education class.
We rehearsed no way but anything..It's very entertaining because boys can make creativity on their dance steps, especially my gay classmate who is Hansel.

We did it.
I did a self-decision if I will answer Billy Rowell if in case he will court me--care of Jepoy.

The grade in gymnastics is 1.6 as for our group, we deserve the grade!

And I'm gymnastically inspired!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cramming Can't Help Me

First of all, I got 71 on my General Chemistry on my midterm grade and I don't know what to do!

Yes, of course, I know what to do but all I knew is to cram
But I don't want to cram....

I know what I'm doing but everything I do is such a failure...

The word that I really crazy about. It's a phobia.From high school, and today, for college!!!

I got to be Argus-eyed to the people who will be exempted for the FINALS.
They are the ones who topnotch every single subject..

Oh well..
TONIGHT,I will be something more.
I will spend everynight in studying.One night is for four hours.

I will think this person as my inspiration also...

This is my friend.
I think he's already saying:
"I know you can do it!!! Don't lose hope.Think positive. I'll be always here for you!"

I know right.
I can really trust myself.
As I'm writing on this blog, I feel stronger and able to conquer all barriers in the Chemistry battlefield.

Hmph, I'll try my very best!


Monday, October 10, 2011

I Like Mr. MP

Mr. MP, it means Military police in ROTC. WEll I had this huge crush on Mr. Billy Rowell(not his real name) and how it was gone was a long story...haha.Well, so much for that.

Not telling you I'm very obsessed with him,I really made a poem that speaks about him. It's title was 'Mr.MP' by Kitty Purry( this pseudonym is my alias.It's funny too because it sounds like my fave singer "Katy Perry''.
I was crushing on him not until I've found out he was this something "sparks flying" with someone. Oh well, I don't want to proclaim the gal's name..

Please add me on Facebook: Graciella Angela Lorenzana Nebres

---I will post the poem here soon, the short story how this admiration started----