Thursday, October 20, 2011

Excited for Sembreak

Hi.I'm again back on my original spot.

Today is again thursday, and I always love thursday.

Before I share my short story about my hectic final exam in Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, I found a net cafe which has a very unique "payment counter".Haha, laugh out loud, for it is like a game in World of Fun that you have to put coins in the'insert coin section'. I dropped two pieces of 5 Peso coin which is equivalent to 31 minutes of Internet time. Sounds interesting? This is very weird but you must try this one. Anyway, why should you waste your money on other signature Internet Cafes with such expensive costs when there is a vendo style computer which is also have a quality personal software.

Now, the red electronic light in numbers appeared"20", there is still 20 minutes left before leaving my seat.

I wore black top today, and I'm always fond of black since Monday in my school, Bicol University College of Engineering. I wasn't ready for the finals in Trigonometry. The test is difficult but it was easy when you have the supportive seatmates and professor who doesn't know what you're now doing. I don't call that cheating, but I call eat "teamwork".

I escaped the Function Hall where the Block A and Block B(where I belong) took the final exam.

Now, I'm excited for sembreak!

And I miss the Organization in the University . The org will be having a picnic on Saturday this week to celebrate the Sem-Ender.

College can be tough, but not on me.

I'm excited for Sembreak!