Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let's Play The Game, "HARD TO GET"

Wrong timing should I say? I wish you would never appear in my life after my graduate school days, that's because I have to be finished in studying first before having undesirable feelings for you. Or should I blame myself from falling for you accidentally? Blame me because I didn't even mean to think about you for the very first time. I shouldn't. I can't help from being thrilled--how would you smile and just carry yourself.

Dreaming of you is so impossible. You're too impossible for you have many secret admirers out there. I'm tired waiting for your next move. It is the feeling of I don't want to worry on many things and definitely change myself for who I really am. Honestly', I can't put my time for that so called" love love love". I don't have a time for it. I admit that I'm not myself every Sunday. Not myself - having this weird actions because you're always at the office entrance, even if I'm not yet there or I am just about to ride off the jeepney and my heartbeat began to be faster.

So the next time I'll be attending that so called Military Base Training, meeting you is like just nothing else but treating you as a friend. Funny it is. Anything I will do except gushing over you--laugh trip ,food trip, friendship, as long I can say to myself that I'm okay even if we wouldn't be what you're thinking.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not So Perfect Match

I just went online on Facebook and enjoyed the rest of the hour. The publication of ROTC where I belong is always getting connected to each of the members--on our Facebook group page. My co-members are getting active the way they post or comment. I'm glad that G! Cdt. Andes joins us , too. My net hour becomes so exciting that I have always so many friend requests and notifications. Oh wait, there's more! The most significant event I did was to change my profile pic into a better one. For me, the new profile pic is the prettiest photo where my beautiful face was there. LOL. When I viewed my wall, I saw my latest crush on the left side where he is featured as one of my 1270 friends on Facebook. I was startled and said " Bagay na maging tayong dalawa(Perfect match is you and I)". I'm proud and confident to say that I'm beautiful. Beautiful matches to handsome. Therefore, I'm beautiful and for me is someone handsome--good-looking!!! Yeah. His shirt and my shirt matches the colors, bagay na bagay talaga!!! We both smile on our both photos. When we make that two photos be placed nearly together, bagay na bagay talaga !!! After that, I'm very crazy-- a little bit only 'coz I didn't show it off, I'm hiding it! I secretly lit up my smile in the evening when the city lights and busy vehicles roaming on my way. A smile that automatically formed through my lips and eyes, shows the severe happiness that comes from the heart where the feeling grows. The feeling will be kept there, thrilled. There's nothing more than being thrilled. Thrilled ..

I decided today that whenever we'll meet again, I will avoid my unnecessary actions. I understand that it doesn't look good, not suitable on a pleasant character and it will just ruin my reputation like urging him to be turned off whenever I act very obviously knowing that I can't take my eyes off him. I should learn how to be more smart and tough. Temptation will make you happy for sometime, but not until you're caught by the naked eye. Enough. I would not post again something on his Facebook wall and I should motivate myself to concentrate on other hobbies. In love? You're getting corny!!! Fight that feeling for yourself!!! If he's into me? A very hard question to answer. But if he learn how to wait, he's worthy on getting to know more.

Monday, November 28, 2011

One Day You're Mine

What if we are now declared as a power couple? Maybe I'm doing crazy things like:

I said "YES" on your question "Can I be your lover?"

I noticed you held my hand as a sign of affection to me.

I agreed so I hold your hand so tight , too.

I was wearing your necklace you gave me during our first date.

You kissed me on my left cheek

I kissed you ,too, but I took off your eyeglasses first.

You kissed me again.. and I liked it

As if we don't care if it's already late in the evening

..That was so long that we didn't stop on doing it.

After that you said GOODNIGHT as you bring me back to home.

But I thought if this will be happening to me, it's very unbelievable. We are still young.

So I remain as conservative as I can be.

Maybe, we could start on simple holding hands, date on the cheapest but memorable places,.

Or it is better to court me with the permission of our parents

And it is better not to think about it; studies are the priorities

They are right, we should take away ourselves from those issues.

Too darned gross, they're right, there's a right time for that.

You shouldn't rush..

Well, it is really better to be just friends!!!

Friendship grows, and the relationship totally develops.

I don't know. Just expect me to give you the best attitude, kindness and happiness that I can give

I love you, shall I say goodbye?

Just wait, Just enjoy as time passes by, you'll see

'Coz one day, you're mine..

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It All Started With A Smile

Image Detail

One upon a time of a love story....

According to my block mate in college, you have a mutual understanding with her twin sister. I don't know if this is true babe. Maybe it could be true because you're always early in school every ROTC Sunday, and her twin sister (who is also a newly-fond friend during the University Week) is just inches to you every Sunday. Shall I say goodbye, my sweetie pie? Though you've found me and she's just earlier in your life, I think it does not measure who deserves you more! Pause. Delete> All what I've typed should be kept here in Blogger. I'm getting very obsessed here because of another girl who is just flirting you more.
The feelings I had for you all started with your sweetest smile that I've seen in my whole life. The smile when cannot be seen oftentimes in ordinary times. I was like I fell at first sight which is like you've hypnotized me. I like to put your eyeglasses off to tell you that you're much a prettier boy without those pair of specs. I asked ,"To what index cards signify its college?" and you said" College of Arts and Letters". The next Sunday I revealed my secret to my Corps Cite fellow writers and friends, especially friends from public speakers and the girls and I just freak out because you're really handsome. I've seen you again in the grandstand with a colleague in Corps Cite and I told him that I like you. Next Sunday again, I asked him what's your name but he gave me your number. I just want the name! You and I just met together by him in the General Rehearsal of "Hataw", an activity in the University's week. We shook hands and I just felt ecstatic because I'm overjoyed. It's my pleasure to meet you. Then that week on Saturday, I called you nothing but unknown because I forgot your name for you're just awesome. When you looked at me, we're smiling on each other and it seemed the time stopped. I hope you knew what I was feeling for you after that. I hope you have feelings for me, too, after you smiled to me in the last day of ROTC. I am also about to freak out, but I just freak out on my mind. Now that I'm missing you, we can only communicate on Facebook. To you my dear sweetie pie(xoxo), see you on next Sunday( know,ROTC Sunday..) and I get to be excited whenever I daydream to meet you again

... love lots..:D

I'm Yours

"Well you done done me and I better than I felted, I tried to be cold but your so hot that I melted", is the lyrics of Jason Mraz' song. From the very beginning, I got attracted to the song and it's pretty funny and sexy. These statement is something I want to utter to the one I'm eyeing now and I don't want to reveal who he is because it is better to keep it safe, right? He looks nerdy anyway but still handsome. I was like "Can I put your eyeglasses off?" to him and tell 'you're so much good-looking without that. And I like it,OMG, I was thinking on how to simply flirting him again so that he would be mine!!! What do I want, more than friends less than lovers status? What do we call that, PURGATORY? Anyway, so much for that! (Pause. Delete. Nothing happened)

I watched a noontime show on TV and it has a beauty contest portion on it. The question and answer portion is something I could relate on what I'm really feel to him nowadays. (I'm getting corny. I have to stop this! PERIOD). NOw here's the question: "IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE THAT YOU REALLY LIKE, WILL YOU MAKE THAT GUY FALL FOR YOU, WHY OR WHY NOT?"

Candidate no.1: NO. I will wait for him to court me and it is very traditional for us girls to wait for the guy's first move.

Candidate no.2: NO. If he really love me, too, why should I bother to make a way to be mine?

Candidate no.3: NO. It is important first ti prioritize our studies and we're too too young to think about it. And I have many dreams in life rather to go through it.

They're really right, and I thank them to help myself to focus on my studies first before thinking about 'them'. What if he's having moments with any other girl? So what, if you love him set him free! You can always be friends and when you're friends, you can see his very silly side on how to court a girl. NO matter how handsome and perfect he is, you have to be in your good character.

To that guy: "I'm yours no matter what! I love you! I like you! I am yours!" . I don't care if you have a mutual understanding with that girl. I'm yours because I'm already your friend. You get it? :D

Monday, November 21, 2011

Studies First, True Love Later

I'm single and happily enjoying my life even if i don't have a boyfriend. I'm only sixteen.

I just love to meet different guys just to be my friends.
In highschool, courtship is really extraordinary. Everyone is crazy, even in a moment of simple holding hands.
Boys are playful while girls think they're very serious, which is unfortuantely not.
Boys just like to score. Reality Bites.
Relationships in highschool usually don't last long based on my observations, same as college that I always knew that many people just came from breakups with dramatics shedding of tears in their relationship plays

Rush is not necessary. I wasn't hurt yet--except on the fact that I cried in the middle of Juniors-Seniors Prom Night way back in my senior in highschool because of my ex-suitor promise, I'll be his first dance, which is broken. I just laugh it out loud about my silly,dramatic so-called'love' today that i just wasted my complemented beauty done by my make up during that night. It's too darned corny. Since then, I was cured, not by long period of time but my own decision.

I had lots of crushes today. Some were revealed, some were just kept to myself.

I enjoy to be a flirt--not what you think--simply attractive then catches their attention.

The most important thing for a student is to to finish first her studies with goals.

Young love can make you happy for sometimes but not forever.

Instead of thinking about him, why you can't just think about your long quiz and recitations tomorrow?


We are not yet grown-up to be serious on relationships.

It's better to always obey what do your parents tell you--their advies..:D


But I have to make the dreams first:D..

To be a Civil Engineer!

What Should The Venus tell The Mars

This semestrial break after the first semester of college, I can't take out of my mind how do my latest crush look like. I fell at the very first sight because he's so handsome which is like we could smack on each other. I knew him for the very first time on the University's week. He held my hand so he can shake hands with me-- and we're officially friends! I was surprised that time for I didn't expect he will treat me like that. He's knid and crowned like a haloo. He's a tall guy, with very masculine built,'Paolo Bediones' face like very handsome with specs on his tantalizing eyes, has a very killer smile, and he's everything to me, a heartthrob! I smiled to him, he smiled to me, too. I think I fell him! OMG! Hell no! I shouldn't! I should forget what I feel for there will be a sure trouble within it. I don't know if he's already courting someone. if yes, I'll end up hurting myself because I have nothing to do but to sit back and be forever jealous. Anyway, so what if he's about getting her? He just looked upon me and smiled brightly in the last day of ROTC. And I also saw Shena. If I'm not mistaken, Shena and this babe were having a mutual understanding. Fine! he smiled to me! That's it! What's the next step? Be in the ROTC Headquarters as early as I can and follow again these tried and tested steps:

1. Be friends first. Friendship is the best foundation in any kind of relationship
2.Focus on your strengths. Go Girl!
3.Smile to his eyes!
4. And be confident but still with character

so what should the Venus tell the Mars?

when anything else takes to a higher level..

What do men love to hear from women?
-I believe in you
-I feel safe for you
-I trust you