Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm Yours

"Well you done done me and I better than I felted, I tried to be cold but your so hot that I melted", is the lyrics of Jason Mraz' song. From the very beginning, I got attracted to the song and it's pretty funny and sexy. These statement is something I want to utter to the one I'm eyeing now and I don't want to reveal who he is because it is better to keep it safe, right? He looks nerdy anyway but still handsome. I was like "Can I put your eyeglasses off?" to him and tell 'you're so much good-looking without that. And I like it,OMG, I was thinking on how to simply flirting him again so that he would be mine!!! What do I want, more than friends less than lovers status? What do we call that, PURGATORY? Anyway, so much for that! (Pause. Delete. Nothing happened)

I watched a noontime show on TV and it has a beauty contest portion on it. The question and answer portion is something I could relate on what I'm really feel to him nowadays. (I'm getting corny. I have to stop this! PERIOD). NOw here's the question: "IF YOU HAVE SOMEONE THAT YOU REALLY LIKE, WILL YOU MAKE THAT GUY FALL FOR YOU, WHY OR WHY NOT?"

Candidate no.1: NO. I will wait for him to court me and it is very traditional for us girls to wait for the guy's first move.

Candidate no.2: NO. If he really love me, too, why should I bother to make a way to be mine?

Candidate no.3: NO. It is important first ti prioritize our studies and we're too too young to think about it. And I have many dreams in life rather to go through it.

They're really right, and I thank them to help myself to focus on my studies first before thinking about 'them'. What if he's having moments with any other girl? So what, if you love him set him free! You can always be friends and when you're friends, you can see his very silly side on how to court a girl. NO matter how handsome and perfect he is, you have to be in your good character.

To that guy: "I'm yours no matter what! I love you! I like you! I am yours!" . I don't care if you have a mutual understanding with that girl. I'm yours because I'm already your friend. You get it? :D