Wednesday, November 23, 2011

It All Started With A Smile

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One upon a time of a love story....

According to my block mate in college, you have a mutual understanding with her twin sister. I don't know if this is true babe. Maybe it could be true because you're always early in school every ROTC Sunday, and her twin sister (who is also a newly-fond friend during the University Week) is just inches to you every Sunday. Shall I say goodbye, my sweetie pie? Though you've found me and she's just earlier in your life, I think it does not measure who deserves you more! Pause. Delete> All what I've typed should be kept here in Blogger. I'm getting very obsessed here because of another girl who is just flirting you more.
The feelings I had for you all started with your sweetest smile that I've seen in my whole life. The smile when cannot be seen oftentimes in ordinary times. I was like I fell at first sight which is like you've hypnotized me. I like to put your eyeglasses off to tell you that you're much a prettier boy without those pair of specs. I asked ,"To what index cards signify its college?" and you said" College of Arts and Letters". The next Sunday I revealed my secret to my Corps Cite fellow writers and friends, especially friends from public speakers and the girls and I just freak out because you're really handsome. I've seen you again in the grandstand with a colleague in Corps Cite and I told him that I like you. Next Sunday again, I asked him what's your name but he gave me your number. I just want the name! You and I just met together by him in the General Rehearsal of "Hataw", an activity in the University's week. We shook hands and I just felt ecstatic because I'm overjoyed. It's my pleasure to meet you. Then that week on Saturday, I called you nothing but unknown because I forgot your name for you're just awesome. When you looked at me, we're smiling on each other and it seemed the time stopped. I hope you knew what I was feeling for you after that. I hope you have feelings for me, too, after you smiled to me in the last day of ROTC. I am also about to freak out, but I just freak out on my mind. Now that I'm missing you, we can only communicate on Facebook. To you my dear sweetie pie(xoxo), see you on next Sunday( know,ROTC Sunday..) and I get to be excited whenever I daydream to meet you again

... love lots..:D