Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let's Play The Game, "HARD TO GET"

Wrong timing should I say? I wish you would never appear in my life after my graduate school days, that's because I have to be finished in studying first before having undesirable feelings for you. Or should I blame myself from falling for you accidentally? Blame me because I didn't even mean to think about you for the very first time. I shouldn't. I can't help from being thrilled--how would you smile and just carry yourself.

Dreaming of you is so impossible. You're too impossible for you have many secret admirers out there. I'm tired waiting for your next move. It is the feeling of I don't want to worry on many things and definitely change myself for who I really am. Honestly', I can't put my time for that so called" love love love". I don't have a time for it. I admit that I'm not myself every Sunday. Not myself - having this weird actions because you're always at the office entrance, even if I'm not yet there or I am just about to ride off the jeepney and my heartbeat began to be faster.

So the next time I'll be attending that so called Military Base Training, meeting you is like just nothing else but treating you as a friend. Funny it is. Anything I will do except gushing over you--laugh trip ,food trip, friendship, as long I can say to myself that I'm okay even if we wouldn't be what you're thinking.