Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Not So Perfect Match

I just went online on Facebook and enjoyed the rest of the hour. The publication of ROTC where I belong is always getting connected to each of the members--on our Facebook group page. My co-members are getting active the way they post or comment. I'm glad that G! Cdt. Andes joins us , too. My net hour becomes so exciting that I have always so many friend requests and notifications. Oh wait, there's more! The most significant event I did was to change my profile pic into a better one. For me, the new profile pic is the prettiest photo where my beautiful face was there. LOL. When I viewed my wall, I saw my latest crush on the left side where he is featured as one of my 1270 friends on Facebook. I was startled and said " Bagay na maging tayong dalawa(Perfect match is you and I)". I'm proud and confident to say that I'm beautiful. Beautiful matches to handsome. Therefore, I'm beautiful and for me is someone handsome--good-looking!!! Yeah. His shirt and my shirt matches the colors, bagay na bagay talaga!!! We both smile on our both photos. When we make that two photos be placed nearly together, bagay na bagay talaga !!! After that, I'm very crazy-- a little bit only 'coz I didn't show it off, I'm hiding it! I secretly lit up my smile in the evening when the city lights and busy vehicles roaming on my way. A smile that automatically formed through my lips and eyes, shows the severe happiness that comes from the heart where the feeling grows. The feeling will be kept there, thrilled. There's nothing more than being thrilled. Thrilled ..

I decided today that whenever we'll meet again, I will avoid my unnecessary actions. I understand that it doesn't look good, not suitable on a pleasant character and it will just ruin my reputation like urging him to be turned off whenever I act very obviously knowing that I can't take my eyes off him. I should learn how to be more smart and tough. Temptation will make you happy for sometime, but not until you're caught by the naked eye. Enough. I would not post again something on his Facebook wall and I should motivate myself to concentrate on other hobbies. In love? You're getting corny!!! Fight that feeling for yourself!!! If he's into me? A very hard question to answer. But if he learn how to wait, he's worthy on getting to know more.