Monday, November 28, 2011

One Day You're Mine

What if we are now declared as a power couple? Maybe I'm doing crazy things like:

I said "YES" on your question "Can I be your lover?"

I noticed you held my hand as a sign of affection to me.

I agreed so I hold your hand so tight , too.

I was wearing your necklace you gave me during our first date.

You kissed me on my left cheek

I kissed you ,too, but I took off your eyeglasses first.

You kissed me again.. and I liked it

As if we don't care if it's already late in the evening

..That was so long that we didn't stop on doing it.

After that you said GOODNIGHT as you bring me back to home.

But I thought if this will be happening to me, it's very unbelievable. We are still young.

So I remain as conservative as I can be.

Maybe, we could start on simple holding hands, date on the cheapest but memorable places,.

Or it is better to court me with the permission of our parents

And it is better not to think about it; studies are the priorities

They are right, we should take away ourselves from those issues.

Too darned gross, they're right, there's a right time for that.

You shouldn't rush..

Well, it is really better to be just friends!!!

Friendship grows, and the relationship totally develops.

I don't know. Just expect me to give you the best attitude, kindness and happiness that I can give

I love you, shall I say goodbye?

Just wait, Just enjoy as time passes by, you'll see

'Coz one day, you're mine..