Monday, November 21, 2011

Studies First, True Love Later

I'm single and happily enjoying my life even if i don't have a boyfriend. I'm only sixteen.

I just love to meet different guys just to be my friends.
In highschool, courtship is really extraordinary. Everyone is crazy, even in a moment of simple holding hands.
Boys are playful while girls think they're very serious, which is unfortuantely not.
Boys just like to score. Reality Bites.
Relationships in highschool usually don't last long based on my observations, same as college that I always knew that many people just came from breakups with dramatics shedding of tears in their relationship plays

Rush is not necessary. I wasn't hurt yet--except on the fact that I cried in the middle of Juniors-Seniors Prom Night way back in my senior in highschool because of my ex-suitor promise, I'll be his first dance, which is broken. I just laugh it out loud about my silly,dramatic so-called'love' today that i just wasted my complemented beauty done by my make up during that night. It's too darned corny. Since then, I was cured, not by long period of time but my own decision.

I had lots of crushes today. Some were revealed, some were just kept to myself.

I enjoy to be a flirt--not what you think--simply attractive then catches their attention.

The most important thing for a student is to to finish first her studies with goals.

Young love can make you happy for sometimes but not forever.

Instead of thinking about him, why you can't just think about your long quiz and recitations tomorrow?


We are not yet grown-up to be serious on relationships.

It's better to always obey what do your parents tell you--their advies..:D


But I have to make the dreams first:D..

To be a Civil Engineer!