Monday, November 21, 2011

What Should The Venus tell The Mars

This semestrial break after the first semester of college, I can't take out of my mind how do my latest crush look like. I fell at the very first sight because he's so handsome which is like we could smack on each other. I knew him for the very first time on the University's week. He held my hand so he can shake hands with me-- and we're officially friends! I was surprised that time for I didn't expect he will treat me like that. He's knid and crowned like a haloo. He's a tall guy, with very masculine built,'Paolo Bediones' face like very handsome with specs on his tantalizing eyes, has a very killer smile, and he's everything to me, a heartthrob! I smiled to him, he smiled to me, too. I think I fell him! OMG! Hell no! I shouldn't! I should forget what I feel for there will be a sure trouble within it. I don't know if he's already courting someone. if yes, I'll end up hurting myself because I have nothing to do but to sit back and be forever jealous. Anyway, so what if he's about getting her? He just looked upon me and smiled brightly in the last day of ROTC. And I also saw Shena. If I'm not mistaken, Shena and this babe were having a mutual understanding. Fine! he smiled to me! That's it! What's the next step? Be in the ROTC Headquarters as early as I can and follow again these tried and tested steps:

1. Be friends first. Friendship is the best foundation in any kind of relationship
2.Focus on your strengths. Go Girl!
3.Smile to his eyes!
4. And be confident but still with character

so what should the Venus tell the Mars?

when anything else takes to a higher level..

What do men love to hear from women?
-I believe in you
-I feel safe for you
-I trust you