Thursday, December 1, 2011

Boy Friend (..the space matters)

"You don't care to anyone! You don't know how to show love to the people around you" the one who said this shall no longer be remembered and known again.

Well, to my dear friend of mine, I'm not yet sure on what I will going to say. If anything else will level up before we would be officially close to me to put too much love for you. I just wanna be close to you. Because if I'll do, there will be an urge for me to be hurt again and feel an ache for my heart that seems I can't breathe heavenly again. As of now, I don't feel well--that was since I heard a statement and said to myself that I've hurt many guys in a row. I've hurt the last suitor I've ever had--I admit he courted me in three months. He was hurt more because I made my most raising eyebrow act as a sign of unwavering him. We argued cat-and-dog, friends again on my birthday , I was hurt again one night in prom and forever friends after we had a picture during our graduation. I already moved on and found a lot more guy friends. Just like you, you're my guy friend. As of now, I don't want to be affected from the saying above. I've learned a lot from loving too much so I'm smarter to meet more deserving boys to be recipient of my love. I don't know what would be the next happening! I'm only worrying on my reputation that will be formed while we're knowing each other. The key to another conversation, smile dear sweetie pie. One day you'll see, we will never regret what we've done the first time we've seen each other.