Sunday, December 4, 2011

Missing You

Having a day of argue with my mom and preparing up ourselves to visit our relatives who are now dead on the happenings or yesterday. The beginning of heading up to the cemetery started with mu family's carpool to my uncle's van--should I say it's van-pool? We paused in a convenience store where my mom, sisters, and I and some of my relatives are left behind. I volunteered to buy some load for my mom's phone. Gearing up again, we went to the cemetery. The van went to the opened gate and there we entered with so many people in the cemetery. We noticed some fancy mausoleums and definitely we figured it out that those belong to each of rich families. The van explored the big cemetery lot until we found the graveyards of my grandparents and my great grandparents. I lied down the grassy corner while friends are offering some snacks. Anytime a young and good-looking guy passing by was an urge for me to remember your oh-so darling face--someone tall, slim, Moreno, cutesy eyes and has a killer smile. One sat there and the other one roamed around by our corner and I whispered his name. I also said to my cousins that I already ant to go back on Sunday at my university--just wanting it! Seems like I've been missing you again. Finally, my craziest side went back. I was like we have to meet in Pristine Memorial Gardens since we don't intentionally met up in LCC Legazpi. I admit I'm officially obsessed just like how I'm obsessed on my favorite Hello kitty stuff. Hey, just kidding! I missed you because you're the one who brightens up my Sunday, even if we don't actually chatting with each other. I think it's very missing too for me the day we first chatted to each other. I missed you so I can't help to forget you again. I swore to not to think about you again so I will miss you. Maybe if I will be eyeing my oh-so damn big books and start studying, there are a lot of chances to even forget someone like you. Should I miss you or should I forget you? I don't know! Or should I forget you as someone who once beat my heart so loud and fast and declared something beginning. It's hard to rely much on our feelings that's why we have brains to help us think it over. Should I say wait for another guy? Should I think about this no more? Wake up, Gracielle. All I have to do to make things normal. Missing you and at the same time forgetting that feeling--thrilled!