Thursday, December 1, 2011


The Principle of Reciprocity

Don't call a guy everyday when he won't even reply to a single text

Don't give him the world when he won't even give you a city or a small town.

Don't give him your heart when he won't even give you his toenail

You get the idea..

She's right! It means it is really not fair to give him that so-called "affection" when he couldn't even love you back. Girls, when you have feelings on a guy, don't show him off obviously! It is a challenge to see that if you love him, he should love him more (girl, nudge nudge!). So girl, a right guy is really worthy to wait for. A right guy is someone who will be very serious in your relationship and definitely he treat you as his one and only princess. So how should treat my crush as a fellow? I smiled to him and he smiled to me back, is he obviously figuring out that I got dibs on him? If he found out, it will be very embarrassing. Then, there will be an urge to court me.! I don't want have someone to court me just because I have a feelings for him.

That's the point!