Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I watched Pinoy Big Brother on TV and noticed the task of Big Brother to a girl and a boy. The fact is this couple have a relationship. The task for them is not to show to their housemates that they have a relationship. So these two house mates had followed the Big Brother's task. Fortunately, Big Brother gave them one night to bond with each other--a night when the only two of them meet in one corner. Both of them run out to their places in unison. When they feel each other, they hug together so tight, man's hands at the woman's waist. They both sat together on their own hhigh chairs and started smacking and kissing on each other as if it's their privilege to own the night and the rest of the housemates are sleeping. How romantic for them two, isn't it? Well, these actions are just the joys of having a boyfriend for us girls. Boyfriend? Hmm. I don't want to speak that word. Anyway, I freak out!

In case with my crush, he messaged me on Facebook and it dated on November 2, 2011. I was always laughing on my mind because I can't believe he would even message me like that".Ehehe, mwuah" and I can't figure out if he acts like Camille(my best bud) as a girl or he's a supernatural weirdest gay ever. "Mwuah" is something uttered when you kiss so it seems he "mwuah" me somewhere. Comment? While I was dreaming to have someone like Mr. Right to kiss with, I always think he's kidding. Anyway, he's playful and I'm shocked he'll do that so I joked , too. " Mwuah din. Sige.Hahahaha!!".Okay, these are the happenings of sweet moments and unexplainable joys of puppy love. Am I sure this is puppy love? There's only friendship between us. The fact is I'm the one who is crushing on him. What he really thinks when he was smiling to me before? I want to read his mind.

This something memorably funny..